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Nellie Mayshak’s work over the last 30 years in public administration reform has taken her from long-term institutional development projects in Liberia to helping Lithuania design a strategic planning and policy model that won the country entrance in the European Union (EU).

Public Administration Reform is considered an essential group of practices, supported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), to ensure a functional, efficient, responsive and transparent public sector under democratic governance.

Nellie Mayshak has been developing her reputation in the field since she started learning its principles as a senior manager in Ontario’s public service sector. That knowledge helped form the basis of the consultancy she later founded, Canaf Consulting Associates, to advise governments around the globe and design and execute public administration reform projects.

Nellie has helped governments build their capacity for effective public policy management, reform management and coordination. The programs she is responsible for creating are typically complex and span multiple years, and often involve rebuilding public service infrastructures that have been damaged by civil strife.

In recent years, Nellie has headed teams leading reform projects in Nigeria, South Sudan, Liberia and Ghana. These assignments have entailed a wide span of capabilities, including human resource management, risk management, designing of results-based management frameworks for program planning and execution, and relationship building among diverse stakeholders.

Among the projects to her credit was the reconstruction of Liberia’s civil service, a major undertaking in a nation whose public service structure had collapsed after years of internal conflict. Her work included design of the nation’s Civil Service Reform Strategy and, in separate efforts, being of service to Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first elected female president in Africa.

In a long–running institutional development project in Ghana, Nellie also assisted the country’s government in improving the processes for Cabinet decision-making. She also helped senior officials improve their policy management capacity.

In Eastern Europe, she worked with the Lithuanian government to design and adopt a strategic planning and policy model that was in keeping with the best practices established by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The reform effort was important in facilitating Lithuania’s admission to the European Union.

During her years with the provincial government of Ontario, Nellie held a variety of high profile positions. Among other posts, she was Senior Policy Advisor for the Cabinet Office, and Policy Advisor to the Solicitor General and Minister of Correctional Services. She also was Deputy Director for International Programs and the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC).

Nellie Mayshak is an active member of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada and the Canadian Association of International Development Consultants. In addition to her undergraduate degree from Nigeria’s University of Ife, she holds her master’s degree in sociology from the University of British Columbia.