What Makes Public Sector Reform Projects Succeed?

It’s something we take for granted in advanced societies like Canada. Our mail gets delivered regularly. Our trains run pretty much on time. We know the policies that our government officials are developing on matters that affect us, like the environment and health care and welfare programs. And if we don’t like what is being done in our public sector, we have an established system to try to elect new people to make decisions we like better.

Thoughts on Digitizing Public Sectors

Digital technology is considered a critical enabler of public sector reform – or the drive to bring about changes in the structures and processes in governments and their agencies, so that they run more efficiently and cost effectively.

But the rise of a tech-driven public sector, characterized as smart cities and e-bureaucracies, also raises questions about the same security and privacy risks that the private sector is grappling with. It’s made the need to achieve a balance between the benefits and risks an issue on experts’ minds. Everyone’s looking for solutions.

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