Lithuania Exemplifies What It Takes For Public Sector Reform To Succeed

You may not be very familiar with Lithuania other than it was once part of the Soviet Union. But Lithuania’s story is important for showing what it takes for public sector reform initiatives to take hold and create any number of positive outcomes. First, there must be a clear desire for and interest in change by a country’s people and leadership. Second, they must come together around a shared vision of the end goal. Finally, conditions to achieve that goal must be clearly defined and understood by all stakeholders.

What Makes Public Sector Reform Projects Succeed?

It’s something we take for granted in advanced societies like Canada. Our mail gets delivered regularly. Our trains run pretty much on time. We know the policies that our government officials are developing on matters that affect us, like the environment and health care and welfare programs. And if we don’t like what is being done in our public sector, we have an established system to try to elect new people to make decisions we like better.